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Better Together


  • We are committed to collaboratively helping everyone we work with to overcome their difficulties and learn new ways of doing things.

What's Best for You


  • We always work with our clients to achieve what is best for them. This means we work with you to think about your needs and your goals. We approach our work in a non-judgmental, empathetic way, and tailor our approach to you as an individual.

Knowledge and Skills


  • We are continually developing our professional skills and knowledge. This is done through education, supervision, feedback and self-reflection. We work within our competence and only provide services where we have adequate training or experience.


  • Private psychological therapy can be costly. We will talk to you about the most cost effective route for you, and if this means referring you to the NHS then we will tell you. We'll always try and keep the cost to you as low as we can.

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