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Dr Joanna Saddington

Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Director


Hi, my name is Dr Joanna Saddington and I'm a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist. I have worked in the NHS for over 15 years and have extensive experience in working with adults and children experiencing psychological distress (depression, anxiety, grief and loss, anger, trauma, phobia and so on).

I always aim to work collaboratively with anyone coming for therapy, and approach my work in a non-judgemental and empathetic way. The types of interventions and treatments I offer are always tailored to the individual's needs and can range from exploratory work to behavioural therapy, CBT, couples counselling and relationship work, etc.

I also have a special interest in working with families and couples experiencing relationship difficulties, as well as offering support and advice to parents around behavioural difficulties.

Our Associates

Dr Stephanie Hutton

Consultant Clinical Psychologist 

Alison Hutton  

Counsellor & CBT Therapist 

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"After leaving the NHS I developed

Saddington-Spring Counselling and Psychology Services

It was my response to seeing so many cuts to Mental Health services in the UK.

I wanted to provide a service for children and adults needing timely and effective input for their emotional wellbeing". 

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